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  • In The Age Of The Customer, Relevance Trumps Competitiveness
    The new prime differentiator in today's marketplace isn't how competitive you are, but rather a customer's appraisal of a seller's relevancy. So, does this mean that sellers no longer have to be Read more »
  • The Employee Perks That Actually Work
    By Krister Ungerbock Ping-pong tables are not a  recruitment strategy . Yet some members of leadership and human resource teams think setting up game rooms and throwing occasional pizza parties somehow make their organizations super attractive to potential talent. That’s not the case. Establish benefits Read more »
  • Your Blockchain Close Encounter Of The First Kind
    Some form of digital trust technology, like blockchain-type applications, will ultimately become ubiquitous. Make sure your small business is ready for its close encounter of the first Read more »
  • Blockchain Isn't The End Of Trust, It's The Future Of Trust
    In the Analog Age, trust was implied, but not guaranteed. But the more we employ global digital leverage by merely pushing an "Enter" key, the more we need digital trust – crypto-trust, like Blockchain Read more »
  • Blockchain is Here - Are You Ready?
    By definition, a "killer app" is at once handy and disruptive. And as handy and disruptive as the mother-of-all killer apps, the Internet, has been, Blockchain will be quantum-leap disruptive for everyone, but handy only for those who make the quantum leap. Will your small business be Read more »
  • We Began With Freedom And The World Is Better For It
    America began with freedom and liberty was made manifest. We began with freedom and entrepreneurship was born. We began with freedom and capitalism flourished. This week, we celebrate and honor the American Read more »
  • 25 Business Tips on How to Save Money
    The world of business is not a comfortable place to be. The job of a small business owner is hard, but it is often a dream some people aspire to. And, that is why most go after it. Every potential business owner wants to know what success looks like. It is why your goal is to make money. A lot of money. But, for Read more »
  • Sustained Small Business Success Requires Two Kinds Of Passion
    Being a high-performing, professional small business CEO requires two kinds of passion. Do you have what it Read more »
  • Thirty Years Of Living By My Wits
    Being a small business owner is one of the hardest jobs in the world because they "live by their wits." Here are lessons learned from three decades of small business Read more »
  • Patience Is Not Standard Equipment On Entrepreneurs
    When self-directed, impatience is perhaps one of our redeeming entrepreneurial attributes because it’s borne largely from a quest for excellence. Unfortunately, personal excellence to us can look a lot like perfection to some and sound like impatience to Read more »
  • Why You Should Invoice More Than Once a Month
    Invoicing once monthly is the invoicing method I used early on in my career. Sending one invoice per month had absolutely disastrous results. I was waiting for weeks to get paid in one lump sum by clients. I had to be meticulous with business expenses and personal expenses to make sure I didn’t run out of money Read more »
  • Why, How And When To Change Your Business' DNA
    Are there any circumstances under which you should alter the legal structure of your business? Here are three organization and operational triggers that will indicate you need to make a Read more »
  • Why the new tax law is still unfair to small business
    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act gave big business a permanent tax cut and some, but not all, small businesses a temporary tax reduction. What's wrong with that Read more »
  • It is possible to succeed yourself right out of business
    Beware Blasingame's 2nd Law of Small Business: It's redundant to say, "undercapitalized small business," which is especially true for fast-growing companies because revenue growth depletes cash in dramatic but predictable Read more »
  • Cloud computing is awesome. But not always.
    As you leverage and profit from all the efficient high-tech, speed-of-light customer connection tools, don't forget that the best option might not always be in the Read more »