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  • It is possible to succeed yourself right out of business
    Beware Blasingame's 2nd Law of Small Business: It's redundant to say, "undercapitalized small business," which is especially true for fast-growing companies because revenue growth depletes cash in dramatic but predictable Read more »
  • Cloud computing is awesome. But not always.
    As you leverage and profit from all the efficient high-tech, speed-of-light customer connection tools, don't forget that the best option might not always be in the Read more »
  • Shocking confessions of a legendary actor and the world's greatest salesman
    How can you tell if you or someone in your organization has a debilitating level of call reluctance? You'll find it in the numbers. Find out how to recognize this condition plus tips on how to conquer Read more »
  • The quest for the essence of entrepreneurial risk-taking
    Ever wonder what’s behind an entrepreneur’s decision to take a risk? It's a combination of calculation, foolhardiness, faith, and sometimes, one more thing that may surprise Read more »
  • It's the Digital Age: Ethically Speaking, Things Here Are Different
    Ever wonder why we're increasingly anxious about technology? It's because digital leverage is troubling our analog requirement of trust. And as we continue to race into the ever-more-digital 21st Century, hell-bent-for-light-speed, there's the Read more »
  • How to Attract & Retain Entrepreneurial Job Seekers
    Shutterstock photo There are many people, especially in this gig economy, whose mindset is that of a self-employed contractor—even those whose salary emanates from a corporation. If courted to, these entrepreneurial personalities become valuable assets to a company’s full-time staffing strategy. In the Read more »
  • Should Your Small Business Have E-commerce Financing?
    Have you ever walked into a store and got asked if you’d like to sign up for their credit card during check out? Some of us might politely decline, while others may apply and take them up on the offer. If you’d choose the latter, maybe it was because you liked the store’s products or the offer was too good to pass Read more »
  • Performance: The Arch-Enemy Of Fear
    Fear of success can be a manageable and productive stimulus that can create opportunity and spur performance. Successful entrepreneurs aggregate fear-fighting tools to give them courage, confidence, and justification for believing in Read more »
  • 4 Things That Will Give Employees a Sense of Ownership
    You’ve seen the headlines —  employee engagement  is frighteningly low. In fact, research from Gallup indicates that only  15 percent  of employees globally are engaged in their work. There are numerous strategies intended to combat this apathy and engage employees, but one of the most important involves Read more »
  • How Small Businesses Saved Our Job-Creating, Uh, Bacon
    The only positive to accrue to the Main Street economy during the lost decade (2007-2016) is the unprecedented financial strengthening of America's small business sector, which, just February, broke a 45-year hiring Read more »
  • Make It Count: How Business Owners Can Make a Memorable First Impression
    Last time I checked, there are more than 57 million  freelancers/small business owners  in the U.S. alone. It’s anticipated that by 2027  50.9 percent of the U.S. population will be freelancing . Suffice to say — it’s more important than ever to start separating yourself from the the rest of your fellow business Read more »
  • Even Og And Gog Knew Fundamentals Are Fun
    Small business fundamentals are good habits that are fun because they work – every time. Practicing bad habits is the opposite and essentially a business death wish, which isn't fun. Everybody knows Read more »
  • "No Problem": The Vuvuzela Of Customer Service
    As a small business, you have only one differentiator: the positive personal experience the customer attributes directly and uniquely to your business. Which won't happen if your employees blow a vuvuzela at customers for merely showing Read more »
  • What Your Bankability Says About Your Business's Sustainability
    If your small business is bankable and you need a loan, you'd go to a bank. But if you aren't and are considering online alternatives, be sure you fully understand the requirements of those Read more »
  • How to Create a Sales Plan Template
    Sales affect the entire business, and your sales staff requires an in-depth plan to succeed. A good sales plan is specific and lays out tasks, realistic goals, and a base strategy for individuals to develop. Creating ideas and plans for marketing is time-consuming and difficult – which is why  most businesses opt to Read more »