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  • This Is How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Thriving Business
    According to Gallup,  half of employees  are ready to leave their jobs. Some of these individuals might even go on to start their own businesses. While statistics indicate that  half of those startup attempts  will be unsuccessful, right now the small business optimism index is at its  highest level  since its... Read more »
  • The First 3 Years of Self-Financing Your Business
    By  Judy McNary, CFP When running a business, the first three years set you up for future success. Therefore, if you are self-financing, or bootstrapping, it's important to prepare yourself for financial success during these first three years. Those who opt to self-finance a new enterprise may do so for a... Read more »
  • How The 80/20 Rule Applies to Premium Loyalty
    We all know about the 80/20 rule—80 percent of a brand’s sales come from 20 percent of its customers. These 20 percent are a brand’s best and most valuable customers, and they are the ones who will appreciate a better experience than the other 80 percent of customers. But what does that have to do with premium... Read more »
  • 4 Tips To Keep Personal And Business Finances Separate
    Shutterstock photo If you haven’t separated your business finances from your  personal finances  yet, you’ll want to move that up to the top of your list. Keeping personal and business finances separate can help you stay organized and provide plenty of peace of mind especially around tax time. If you’ve... Read more »
  • 5 Entrepreneur Mistakes You Might Not Realize You're Making
    We all make mistakes. The key is recognizing those mistakes and  taking steps to learn from them  — before it’s too late. But are you making entrepreneur mistakes you’re not even aware of? You might be. Before these mistakes sink your business, take a step back and see if you’re falling into any of these traps: 1.... Read more »
  • 4 Pieces Of Financial Advice Every Budding Entrepreneur Needs To Hear
    Promising businesses go under all the time. Unmotivated teams and stiff competition can drive startups to close shop, but  research from CBInsights  found that cash flow problems knock out 29 percent of  failed small businesses . Without money to keep the lights on and employees paid, even a business with a great... Read more »
  • Financial Advisors: A Unique Approach Is Essential When Advising Entrepreneurs
    Getting to know a client in advance is a sound business approach; getting to know an entrepreneur client in advance is essential. From the first meeting, be relatable and accessible. They want you to advise them, so, take an interest in their professional and personal life. Entrepreneurs can’t be put in a box –... Read more »
  • Are you prepared for the inevitable business disruption?
    This week marks an ignominious anniversary. On August 13, 2003, a single outage in the electric grid cascaded across eight northeastern states, putting 55 million people in the dark for days, and thousands of businesses out of business. The Great Blackout of ’03 was a catastrophic reminder that we’re all one nosy... Read more »
  • Why You Should Focus On Your Strength As A Business Owner
    We hear a lot about taking our weaknesses and working on them until we become strong in those areas. Unfortunately, trying to turn weaknesses into strengths might not be the best or most efficient use of your time as a business owner. Recently, I came across a philosophy that recommends that you  focus on your... Read more »
  • How Leaders Can Embrace -- And Thrive With -- Exponential Growth
    We’ve all been trained to climb the ladder in our careers: Do well, hit your goals, get promoted, and repeat until you find yourself in a corner office. In reality, however, there are only so many management positions any company can sustain, and the idea that we all should be working our way toward those few... Read more »
  • There’s nothing small about small business trade
    By now, most people aren’t surprised to learn that small business in America is actually quite big. You’ve heard the stats from the U.S. Small Business Administration that there are over 27 million small firms representing 99.7% of all U.S. employers. And I love reminding that these little powerhouses sign the front... Read more »
  • How Much Should You Earn From Your Side Hustle?
    A side hustle can help you turn around a difficult financial situation. Whether you are looking to  pay off debt , improve your retirement savings, or are looking to pad your cash flow to retire early, it may be possible  with a side hustle . A recent Bankrate survey found that the average side hustler brings in... Read more »
  • 5 Business Lessons From Amazon Prime Day
    Amazon’s annual Prime Day took the world by storm on July 16th, and as always it offered a mix of excitement, frustration, and seven figures in sales. But one thing is certain: there is a lot we can learn from Amazon’s Prime Day success. We may even be able to apply some of what we learn in our business endeavors.... Read more »
  • What is your small business exit strategy?
    In the United States, it’s very easy to start a small business. Maybe too easy. If you remember those early startup days, then you’ll also remember that very soon the easy part ended. Indeed, from the moment you transitioned from your initial capital to needing to generate the Holy Grail of capital – profit from... Read more »
  • Applying for an SBA Loan? Get Ready to Buy Insurance
    This content is made possible by our sponsor; the views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc. In the small-business world, cash is like oxygen. With a hard work ethic, sound business sense and a little luck, the sky's the limit... Read more »