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  • Australian Treasurer Frydenberg says he'll introduce tax package in 1st week of parliament
    The government went to the election promising tax cuts. This is the package Frydenburg is referring to. Needs the legislation to be approved by parliament. The new Parliament will assemble on Tuesday, 2 July 2019 Read more »
  • Morgan Stanley trade of the week is long EUR/USD
    This issued Monday but it may still be interest MS recommended to buy EURUSD at market - target 1.1630  - stop of 1.1100 -- The 'at market' when the note was issued was a little lower than current spot.  Read more »
  • Reports US is preparing to send extra troops to Middle East in response to Iran
    Reuters citing 2 unnamed US officials that extra troops being in sent in response to threats from Iran. These sorts of developments should act as a positive for USD and yen flows.  Read more »
  • American Chamber of Commerce says the US and China need to get back to negotiating table on trade
    Chairman of the ACC says the two countries need to reboot negotiations.  - The Osaka G20 meeting is the perfect opportunity (G20 meeting in Japan is June 28 and 29) Read more »
  • Brexit - British Chambers of Commerce survey shows UK firms look to cut investment by the most in 10 years
    BCC survey results released overnight.  Business investment forecast to drop 1.3% y/y in 2019 +0.4% in 2020 On GDP: - 2019 1.3% (BCC citing a lift in stockpiling by companies before the (original) Brexit deadline in March BCC Director General Adam Marshall Read more »
  • Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht has filed for bankruptcy protection
    Seeking to restructure $US13 billion in debt - Brazilian engineering group Proceedings grew out of political corruption investigations ForexLive Read more »
  • ICYMI - India's new retaliatory tariffs on the US
    An ICYMI on another trade war escalation this time US-India. - A new set of Indian tariffs on 28 US products kicked in on Sunday - New Delhi says the higher duties are in retaliation for US tariffs on steel and aluminum imposed last year The further background to this is India has a big surplus in trade Read more »
  • New Zealand Westpac Q2 consumer confidence: 103.5 (prior 103.8)
    Westpac's quarterly survey for NZ consumer sentiment. A small fall from Q1.  WPAC citing a slowing economy - 'households are feeling it'. - weaker offshore economy Very minor NZD response, a tic or two lower.  Read more »
  • Trade ideas thread - Tuesday 18 June 2019
    Good morning, afternoon and evening all. Any charts, technical analysis, trade ideas, thoughts, views, ForexLive traders would like to share and discuss with fellow ForexLive traders, please do so: Read more »
  • US military releases new images of mine being removed from side of Japanese tanker
    Not this again? Yep. US military says Iranian forces removed a mine from the side of the oil tanker. Releases a new set of pics.  Let's see if I can track 'em down. Read more »
  • Mexican President says Mexico could win trade war with the Uited States
    Mexico's president Lopez Obrador says the country could win trade war with the US - But that would be a pyrrhic victory it does not seek --- A Pyrrhic victory is a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has also taken a Read more »
  • Here is what’s on the economic calendar in Asia today - RBA minutes
    Scroll down for the Reserve Bank of Australia! ! 2100 GMT New Zealand Westpac Q2 consumer confidence - prior 103.8 2315 GMT Reserve Bank of Australia's Jonathan Kearns, Head of Financial Stability, speaking. At a property-related conference. Stay tuned for some comments from this one. The RBA have recently switched to an easing cycle. Read more »
  • ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Empire Fed falls most on record
    Forex news for New York trade on June 17, 2019: Markets: - Gold down $2 to $1339 - WTI crude down 57-cents to $51.94 - US 10-year yields up 0.7 bps to 2.09% The Empire Fed isn't often a market mover but it certainly raised some eyebrows today as it fell to the worst level since Oct 2016 in the Read more »
  • A rare fledgling EUR uptrend is forming - BAML
    A look at what the euro chart is telling BAML For bank trade ideas, . Bank of America Merrill Lynch Research discusses EUR/USD outlook and "Cumulative EUR/USD price action had reset to flat, offsetting depreciation of the last 3 months. The broader USD trend has faltered and rolled over, with the MAA breadth reverting to just +2 Read more »
  • GBP/USD sits at six-month low with CPI to come
    UK CPI is due Tuesday Cable is down only 50 pips today but the decline is doubly disappointing because it comes after a sharp fall on Friday and because it broke through the May 31 support level. That's an area that should have provided some decent support ahead of the FOMC meeting. Read more »
  • Crude stumbles to late 1% loss
    All the selling was at the end of the day WTI crude is stuck inside its recent range but today's fall was disappointing all-the-same. Crude had been flat or slightly lower for much of the day but slumped to $51.59 from $52.30 in the past hour and finishing at a session low. Read more »
  • Former Egyptian President Morsi dies in court after warning he could reveal "many secrets"
    Morsi had just finished addressing the court Mohamed Morsi won a vote for the Egyptian presidency in 2012 but was overthrown in a military coup a year later and has been imprisoned since. Read more »
  • Morgan Stanley says Fed could cut to near-zero in a year
    Morgan Stanley on the Fed These comments are all conditional but point to an ugly outcome if it all goes badly. The question I always ask is: what's a trade war? Are we in one now, or do we need 25% tariffs on everything and retaliation? There's also plenty of gray area in between. Read more »
  • Watch live: Draghi to speak in Portugal
    Draghi to speak later Draghi speaks at an ECB forum in Portugal. I'm afraid this one will be a dud because he's giving opening remarks ahead of a speech by Blanchard so he won't want to steal the show. Read more »
  • TD recommends EUR/JPY short as an FOMC hedge
    TD with a trade recommendation TD Securities recommends selling EUR/JPY at spot (122.03) as a defensive play if the Fed doesn't deliver the kind of dovish message the market is hoping for. Read more »