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  • Eurostoxx futures -0.7% in early European trading
    Risk tones on the defensive in early trades This carries over the mood from Asia, where we're seeing the fallout from Evergrande sending a more sour tone across broader markets to start the new week. Read more »
  • Germany August PPI +1.5% vs +0.8% m/m expected
    Latest data released by Destatis - 20 September 2021 In turn, this will translate to higher consumer inflation and the fear is that eventually consumers will be priced out or at least see spending appetite wane as a result. Read more »
  • Trade ideas thread - European session 20 September 2021
    Daily thread to exchange ideas and to share your thoughts It'll be quite the spectacle for markets in general as we are already seeing glimpses of contagion domestically with the potential for reverberations globally. Read more »
  • Gold, the CHF, and the dollar
    Understanding their interplay Gold is to Switzerland, what wine is to the French. Most of the world's gold is refined in Switzerland and gold accounts for around 20% of Swiss exports. This close relationship to gold means that the CHF moves quite closely with gold. See the chart below. Read more »
  • Economic data coming up in the European session
    A light one on the data docket to start the week Although the focus will continue to center around risk sentiment today, with the market keeping a broader view towards the FOMC meeting later in the week. Read more »
  • NZ PM Ardern: Auckland lockdown to be eased starting from midnight Tuesday
    Remark by New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern Read more »
  • Risk on the defensive ahead of European trading
    The fallout from China is reverberating across the market This may yet just be the beginning and the real fear for the market is that contagion risks may be much wider and deeper than what is being sensed at the moment. Read more »
  • AUD shorts at high levels, last seen March 2020
    Via Sean Callow at Westpac a heads up on what do seem to be extreme levels of AUD shorts.  Remarks: AUD/USD is on its lows for the session as I post, AUD lower on what are a number of factors but most obviously the Evergrande woes being expressed in a big slide in HK equities today - Read more »
  • ForexLive Asia FX news wrap: Evergrande, property, insurance stocks – all smashed lower
    Forex news for Asia trading on Monday 20th September 2021  Developments around troubled Chinese property development Evergrande worsened. Reports over the weekend of senior executives bailing out of their shares prior to the troubles, the firm seeking to settle its debts using unsold apartments, liabilities growing ... Chinese markets were closed today (and will be tomorrow also) but Hong Kong's were open and Evergrande shares Read more »
  • USD and yen in favour - Evergrande risk off 'contagion' trade hits Asia markets
    The focus is very much on troubled Chinese property development giant Evergrande.  Its equities in HK are down more than 10% and the weakness is spreading across the property and insurance sectors.  Read more »
  • Yuan losing ground as Hong Kong equities slide
    Mainland Chinese markets are closed for a holiday today but Hong Kong is trading.  As posted, Evergrande and property-related stocks are getting stick: The offshore yuan is losing ground as part of the "contagion" , extending the move from last week: Read more »
  • Evergrande, wider property sector shares, taking a beating in Hong Kong trade
    Stock market indexes in Hong Kong and Singapore are being battered lower.  Property sector equities a large component. The Hang Seng (HK) property index is at its lowest since 2016, down more than 5% on the day.  Read more »
  • Malaysia said it welcomes China's application to join the Trans-Pacific trade pact
    China's Globat Times with the report, saying: CPTPP is the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade agreement  Read more »
  • Coronavirus - Australian state NSW appears to be past its peak new daily case count
    New South Wales is Australia's largest population state and is the epicentre of the country's current outbreak. Reports 935 new local cases for the previous 24 hour period. Read more »
  • UK PM Johnson says market forces will deal with supply shortage issues
    UK Prime Minister Johnson speaking with media while on his flight to the US for meetings this week: Johnson blamed the problems in supply chains on "the global economy coming back to life" and "it's going to take a while, as it were, for the circulation to adjust"  Read more »
  • China media on "How Evergrande Could Turn Into ‘China’s Lehman Brothers'"
    Caixin with the thought on a lot minds, Evergrande ... is on the verge of a dramatic debt restructuring or even bankruptcy...  - A bankruptcy would amount to a financial tsunami, or as some analysts put it, "China's Lehman Brothers." Read more »
  • UK data - Rightmove house prices for September 0.3% m/m (prior -0.3% m/m)
    Up on the previous month. Rightmove says buyer demand pushing up the asking prices for homes.  Read more »
  • UK energy provider wants a bailout
    Weekend reports of a number of UK energy providers in trouble, said to be unable to meet gas supply obligations. saying the provider to 1.7 m customers in the UK is seeking a "bailout". This due to surging wholesale gas prices. Read more »
  • UK PM Boris Johnson will tell Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to pay more tax
    UK  Prime Minister Johnson is heading to the US fora three-day trip He'll also meet with meet Bezos and press AMZN to pay more tax in the UK. Johnson is also expected to ask Biden to lift the travel ban that prevents most passengers from the UK visiting the US.  Read more »
  • New Zealand services PMI for August 35.6 (prior 57.9)
    New coronavirus outbreak, new lockdown ... hence the August PMI dropped.  The manufacturing PMI was a shocker: Now the services PMI also. Collapsed to 35.6 in August Read more »